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Ultra-Tac SJ67

The SJ-67, the bigger brother to the UltraTac Jumbo was designed to be the lightest of its kind at an amazing 67 grams!

  • 30% larger than best selling Tiger Shark UltraTac grips.
  • At an amazing overall weight of 67 grams, the SJ-67 weighs the same as a standard mid-sized grip at 250% the size, creating the first super jumbo grip that will not drastically affect the swing-weight of your putter.
  • Jumbo grips reduce your wrists from breaking down and enhances a pendulum stroke. Other benefits include reduced grip pressure, natural balance and set up, less putter head rotation, improved ball roll and greater distance control.
  • UltraTac Technology - Tiger Shark's Proprietary UltraTac Polyurethane is fused with an advanced rubber underlisting, making for a long lasting and extremely shock absorbent, non-slip surface.

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