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Ultra-Tac Jumbo

The original Tiger Shark Legendary UltraTac Jumbo Grip is the original jumbo grip design that forever changed the way golfers started looking at putting technology. The thicker the grip, the harder it would be to break the wrists. To date, Tiger Shark has sold more than 1 million putter grips since they launched the jumbo grip.

  •  The UltraTac Jumbo was a winner at the '09 PGA Tour at the Byron Nelson Championship.
  • Jumbo grips reduce your wrists from breaking down and enhances a pendulum stroke. Other benefits include reduced grip pressure, natural balance and set up, less putter head rotation, improved ball roll and greater distance control.
  • UltraTac Technology - Tiger Shark's Proprietary UltraTac Polyurethane is fused with an advanced rubber underlisting, making for a long lasting and extremely shock absorbent, non-slip surface.

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