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The 8 GreenSpeed putters by Tiger Shark Golf help golfers control their speed on the greens with a unique weighting system. Interchangeable weights allow golfers to compensate for varying putting surfaces from course to course.

  • Adjustable rear weighting for maximum stability - all models feature changeable weights and custom wrench.
  • Models VS-1, V2-2, VS-3, VS-4, VS-5, VS-7 and VS-8 come with 5-gram, 10-gram, and 15-gram weights. VS-5 comes with two 5-gram and two 10-gram weights for heel –toe weighting. The VS-6 comes with one 5-gram weight and one 10-gram weight.
  • Double milled face grooves for a no-skid roll - milled to precise tolerances to enhance accuracy and distance control.
  • Matte finish for reduced glare and unique alignment aid for easy aiming.
  • A high Moment of Inertia (MOI) stabilizes the putter head for consistent performance.
  • Available in 4 grip options - UltraTac Jumbo, UltraTac SJ-67, SuperStroke Fatso Lite and SuperStroke Slim.

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