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The concept for the R.A.P. putter is based off the outside-the-box and wildly effective Basakwerd putter, which changed the way golfers looked at putting - literally. The unique design positioned the shaft on the opposite end of the putter blade, thus having the blade closer to the golfer than the shaft. Powered by word-of-mouth being generated by tour players and media exposure, 200,000 Basakwerd putters were sold in the first three months and Jim had another hit product climbing the charts.

  • R.A.P. (Reverse Axis Position) is a Jim Flood Design that features a patent pending reverse hosel design to ensure a more pendulum stroke that helps putts hold their line and eliminates "pushed" putts.
  • R.A.P. Geometry reduces the torque on the golf ball causing it to roll truer and farther.
  • Double milled face grooves for a no-skid roll, milled to precise tolerances to enhance accuracy and distance control across the entire putter face.
  • Our highest Moment of Inertia (MOI) design stabilizes the putter head for consistent performance.
  • Available in 4 grip options - UltraTac Jumbo, UltraTac SJ-67, SuperStroke Fatso Lite and SuperStroke Slim.

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